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Diablo II Community server

SlashDiablo is a privately operated, community fed, vanilla-like Diablo II Private Server. We host multiple gameservers throughout the world for low-ping gameplay and a suite of quality of life tools.

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Join the online community

The heart of SlashDiablo is our community.

Everything from game patch feedback to bolstering our Moderation team - all comes from within our playerbase. Our discord server is busy with our in-game chat relay and friendly banter while our subreddit is great to see item finds, trades and community updates.


Global Chat

Our in-game global chat system is the heart of trading while playing SlashDiablo. It is also relayed to the discord server to make sure you haven't missed a trade or chat. To partake in this system, simply type //sub chat while in game.

Gameplay Updates

SlashDiablo has updated a few minor gameplay changes to keep things fresh for returning players but keeping as true to the same vanilla Diablo II we all long for. We've made it easier to accquire the infamous annihilus charm, changed how NoDrop works and enabled the runeword 'Plague' that is found in the patch files. Read about all our gameplay updates here


Multiboxing is allowed with 4 boxes per IP and is easily obtainable by using the SlashDiablo launcher to setup your game, or the setup guide on Reddit to download the appropiate files manually.

Available Tools

Maphack + HD mod


Our custom built maphack gives a wave of quality-of-life features that will be hard to live without once you've tried it. Map reveal, sequental gamename and password auto-fill, auto-party/loot, highly configurable loot filter with drop notifications and, of course, widescreen/higher resolution support. 1.9.9 has just been released - check out the latest pinned reddit post for a full set of features!


Armory website

An amazing resource that has modernised Diablo II and how we trade on SlashDiablo.

This custom built website allows you to see all your characters statistics and gear - giving our players the ability to show-off their build or link directly to their item mules for trading.


Multiple game servers

Our localised gameservers allow for a quality experience by providing a low-ping connection to a server near you.

To ultilise the system, simply add gsX (gs1, gs2, g3, etc.) into the game description field when making a game. You will receieve a message when you enter the game to make sure it has been made on the correct gameserver.

If you are using our maphack then you will be able to configure it to remember your selection and it will also display what gameserver a cetain game is made on when viewing it from the 'Join Game' screen.

New york
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Name: gs2
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